About Atlas Hymenoptera

Atlas Hymenoptera is originally a joint initiative between the Mons University Zoology's laboratory (Prof. P. Rasmont) and the Entomology Unit of Functional and Evolutionary of Gembloux Agro Bio Tech (formerly Gembloux University Agronomy Faculty, Prof. E. Haubruge). This initiative has been made possible thanks to the joint efforts of both services that maintain a biogeographic data base of Hymenoptera in Western Europe for many years.

Atlas Hymenoptera is now a platform that brings together many passionate people about hymenoptera's systematics, ecology, biogeography or ethology. This platform includes both French-speaking professionnals (UMons, ULB, Gembloux Agro Bio tech, OPIE-bees) and non French-speaking professionnals (Universidad de Almería) and Hobbyists (Gallica Apoidea group Gallica).

This site is dedicated to Hymenoptera. You will find distribution maps and illustrations of many species from Europe, but you will also discover a relevant bibliography for major groups, the presentation of the team that is behind this work, and so on ...


Laboratoire de Zoologie
(Prof. P. Rasmont)
contact: P. Rasmont
Université de Mons
Avenue du Champ de Mars, 6
B-7000 Mons
Unité d'Entomologie fonctionnelle et évolutive
(Prof. F. Francis et E. Haubruge)
contact: F. Francis
Gembloux Agro Bio Tech
Passage des Déportés, 2
B-5030 Gembloux


Pierre Rasmont

Pierre Rasmont (UMONS)
Hymenoptera Bombinae & Anthophorinae, cartography, photography & image processing, Database administration.
Head Department of Zoology's Laboratory (UMONS)

Dr Ahmad Murat Aytekin

Murat Aytekin (Hacettepe University - Ankara)
Bumble bees of Turkey project.

Yvan Barbier

Yvan Barbier (SPW DEMNA, UMONS)
Hymenoptera Spheciforme & Vespoidea, creation of the website, software, databases and mapping.

David Genoud

David Genoud
Animator of the regional project "Aquitaine"

Stéphanie Iserbyt

Stéphanie Iserbyt (UMONS)
Hymenoptera Bombinae, Mapping, database management

Gille Mahe

Gilles Mahe (Apoidea armoricana)
Animator of the regional project "Armorica", moderator of the "Apoidea Gallica" Yahoo's discussion group

Denis Michez

Denis Michez (UMONS)
Hymenoptera Mellitidae

Dr Javier Ortiz-Sanchez

Javier Ortiz-Sanchez
Hymenoptera Apoidea espagnols

Sébastien Patiny

Sébastien Patiny (Gembloux agro bio tech)
Hymenoptera Andrenidae

Alain Pauly

Alain Pauly (Gembloux agro bio tech, UMONS, Scientific collaborator of the Royal Institute of Natural Sciences of Belgium.)
Hymenoptera Halictidae

Michael Terzo

Michaël Terzo (UMONS)
Hymenoptera Xylocopinae et Bombinae

Nicolas Vereecken

Nicolas J. Vereecken (ULB)
Hymenoptera Apoidea Colletidae, OSMIA animator, "target species" project

Raymond Wahis

Raymond Wahis (Gembloux agro bio tech)
Hymenoptera Pompilidae

Other collaborators

Charles Gaspar

† Charles Gaspar
Hyménoptères Formicidae.

Jean-François Godeau

Jean-François Godeau
Hyménoptères Formicidae et Coléoptères Coccinelides.

Eric Haubruge

Eric Haubruge
Chef de service Unité d'entomologie fonctionnelle et évolutive (Gembloux agro bio tech)

Jean Leclercq

† Jean Leclercq
Hyménoptères Sphéciformes et divers autres Aculéates

Noël Magis

† Noël Magis
Hyménoptères Symphytes et Coléoptères Cantharoidea

Camille Thirion

Camille Thirion
Hyménoptères Ichneumonidae