Atlas Hymenoptera - Andrenidae - Meliturgula
author(s) : S. Patiny

Sébastien Patiny

Atlas of the European Bees: genus Meliturgula

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Sébastien Patiny

Patiny S. 2012. Atlas of the European Bees: genus Meliturgula. STEP Project, Atlas Hymenoptera, Mons, Gembloux.

Meliturgula European bees

Friese, 1903
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Show only this taxa Meliturgula (Meliturgula) scriptifrons (Walker, 1871)
This species is the most widely distributed. It is also the one for which the synonymy is the richest. It is still often recorded as M.minima Friese. However, it seems that the name scriptifrons Walker is prioritary.
The male is highly typical regarding the brush like pilosity on clypeus.
Show only this taxa Meliturgula (Popovmeliturgula) denesia Patiny, 1999
This species is, endemic in Arabian Peninsula where it is known from the locus typicus only.
Only females were described in the original publication. This latter is highly recognizable by the widely yellow coloration of Metasoma.
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Last update : 17ii2007
Meliturgula (Popovmeliturgula) denesia (1 specimen)
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Last update : 21.II.2012
Show only this taxa Meliturgula (Popovmeliturgula) ornata (Popov, 1951)
This is a really tiny species actually known to be endemic in Saudi-Arabia (locus typicus in Djeddah). The body size and the coloration patterns led to describe M.denesia as a distinct species, despite the fact that M.ornata is described based on male only and M.denesia based on females only. One of the most notable feature in M.ornata is the shape of the eigth sternum tip. M.ornata is the only species in Meliturgula of which cradle-like shape of S8 is somehow altered.
Show only this taxa Meliturgula (Popovmeliturgula) senegaliae Patiny, 1999
This species is the largest included in the subgenus. It is also the most westernly distributed species in Meliturgula.


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