Pierre Rasmont, Stuart P.M. Roberts, Denis Michez, Oliver Schweiger, Sébastien Patiny, Markus Franzén, Thibaut De Meulemeester, Bodgan Tomozei & Vladimir G. Radchenko
Atlas of the European Bees: genus Andrena

First on line 15.VIII.2013
Updated 6.IX.2013, 16.X.2013, 3.VII.2014

This page is constructed in the framework of the STEP project
Status and Trends of European Pollinators
Coordinator: Simon Geoffrey Potts, University of Reading

STEP Partners to Objective 1 (Document the status and trends of pollinators, map distributions):
University of Mons (Prof. Pierre Rasmont; Denis Michez; Stephanie Iserbyt; Yvan Barbier)
University of Reading (Stuart Roberts)

This first version is mainly based on the Klaus Warncke's manuscript conserved at the Oberösterreichishes Landesmuseum, Linz (Dr. F. Gusenleitner). It also includes a huge number of data sent by several big national and regional databases (see next section for the detail).

Many thanks to Yvan Barbier, Jean-Marc Michalowski, Alain Pauly and Nicolas Vereecken for the pictures.

Pierre Rasmont

Rasmont P. Roberts S.P.M., Michez D., Schweiger O., Franzen M., De Meulemeester T., Tomozei B. & Radchenko V. 2013. Atlas of the European Bees: genus Andrena. 1st Edition. STEP Project, Atlas Hymenoptera, Mons, Gembloux.

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Andrena D-K Fabricius, 1775

European bees
Andrena danuvia STÖCKHERT, 1950
Andrena (Melandrena) danuvia STÖCKHERT, 1950
Andrena daphanea WARNCKE,1974
Andrena (Carandrena) daphanea WARNCKE,1974
Andrena dauma WARNCKE,1969
Andrena (Ulandrena) dauma WARNCKE,1969
Andrena decaocta WARNCKE,1967
Andrena (Poliandrena) decaocta WARNCKE,1967
Andrena decipiens SCHENCK,1859
Andrena (Holandrena) decipiens SCHENCK,1859
Andrena decollata WARNCKE,1974
Andrena (Distandrena) decollata WARNCKE,1974
Andrena delphiensis WARNCKE,1965
Andrena (Truncadrena) delphiensis Warncke,1965

This species has been described by Warncke 1965 as a ssp. of A. minapalumboi. It is considered as a good species by Gusenleitner & Schwarz 2001.
Andrena denticulata (KIRBY,1802)
Andrena (Cnemidandrena) denticulata (KIRBY,1802)
Andrena dentiventris MORAWITZ,1874
Andrena (Parandrenella) dentiventris MORAWITZ,1874
Andrena derbentina MORAWITZ,1886
Andrena (Truncandrena) derbentina MORAWITZ,1886
Andrena deserta WARNCKE,1974
Andrena (Carandrena) deserta WARNCKE,1974
Andrena dilleri GUSENLEITNER,1998
Andrena (Chrysandrena) dilleri GUSENLEITNER,1998
Andrena dinizi WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Parandrena) dinizi WARNCKE,1975
Andrena discors ERICHSON,1840
Andrena (Zonandrena) discors ERICHSON,1840
Andrena djelfensis PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Fumandrena) djelfensis PEREZ,1895
Andrena dmitrii OSYTSHNYUK,1993
Andrena (Micrandrena) dmitrii OSYTSHNYUK,1993
Andrena dorsalis BRULLE,1832
Andrena (Lepidandrena) dorsalis BRULLE,1832
Andrena dorsata (KIRBY,1802)
Andrena (Simandrena) dorsata (KIRBY,1802)
photo  photo
Andrena dourada KRATOCHWIL & SCHEUCHL,2013
Andrena (Micrandrena) dourada KRATOCHWIL & SCHEUCHL,2013
Andrena doursana DUFOUR,1853
Andrena (Truncandrena) doursana DUFOUR,1853
Andrena dubiosa KOHL,1905
Andrena (Melandrena) dubiosa KOHL,1905
Andrena eddaensis GUSENLEITNER,1998
Andrena (Carandrena) eddaensis GUSENLEITNER,1998
Andrena efeana SCHEUCHL & HAZIR,2012
Andrena (Poecilandrena) efeana SCHEUCHL & HAZIR,2012
Andrena ehnbergi Morawitz,1888
Andrena (Tarsandrena) ehnbergi Morawitz,1888
Andrena elata WARNCKE, 1975
Andrena (Chlorandrena) elata WARNCKE, 1975
Andrena elegans GIRAUD,1863
Andrena (Ulandrena) elegans GIRAUD,1863
Andrena elisaria GUSENLEITNER,1998
Andrena (Lepidandrena) elisaria GUSENLEITNER,1998
Andrena elmaria GUSENLEITNER,1998
Andrena (Melandrena) elmaria GUSENLEITNER,1998
Andrena enslinella STÖCKHERT
Andrena (Micrandrena) enslinella STÖCKHERT
Andrena erberi MORAWITZ,1871
Andrena (Campylogaster) erberi MORAWITZ,1871
Andrena eremobia GUIGLIA,1933
Andrena (Carandrena) eremobia GUIGLIA,1933
Andrena erythrocnemis MORAWITZ,1870
Andrena (Notandrena) erythrocnemis MORAWITZ,1870
Andrena euzona PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Carandrena) euzona PEREZ,1895
Andrena eversmanni RADOSZKOWSKI,1867
Andrena (Plastandrena) eversmanni RADOSZKOWSKI,1867
Andrena exigua ERICHSON,1835
Andrena (Micrandrena) exigua ERICHSON,1835
Andrena eximia SMITH,1842
Andrena (incertae sedis) eximia SMITH,1842
Andrena exquisita WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Chlorandrena) exquisita WARNCKE,1975
Andrena fabalis WARNCKE,1966
Andrena (Truncandrena) fabalis WARNCKE,1966
Andrena fabrella PEREZ,1903
Andrena (Fumandrena) fabrella PEREZ,1903
Andrena falcinella WARNCKE,1969
Andrena (Carandrena) falcinella WARNCKE,1969
Andrena falsifica PERKINS,1915
Andrena (Micrandrena) falsifica PERKINS,1915
Andrena farinosa PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Poliandrena) farinosa PEREZ,1895
Andrena fedtschenkoi MORAWITZ, 1876
Andrena (Ulandrena) fedtschenkoi MORAWITZ, 1876
Andrena ferox SMITH,1847
Andrena (Hoplandrena) ferox SMITH,1847
Andrena ferrugineicrus DOURS,1872
Andrena (Truncandrena) ferrugineicrus DOURS,1872
Andrena fertoni PÉREZ,1895
Andrena (Chrysandrena) fertoni PÉREZ,1895
Andrena ferulae PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Hoplandrena) ferulae PEREZ,1895
Andrena figurata MORAWITZ,1866
Andrena (Parandrenella) figurata MORAWITZ,1866
Andrena fimbriata BRULLE,1832
Andrena (Holandrena) fimbriata BRULLE,1832
Andrena fimbriatoides SCHEUCHL,2005
Andrena (Holandrena) fimbriatoides SCHEUCHL,2005
Andrena flavipes PANZER,1799
Andrena (Zonandrena) flavipes PANZER,1799
photo  photo  photo  photo  photo  photo  photo  photo
Andrena flavobila WARNCKE,1965
Andrena (Nobandrena) flavobila WARNCKE,1965
Andrena florea FABRICIUS,1793
Andrena (Poliandrena) florea FABRICIUS,1793
photo  photo  photo  photo  photo  photo
Andrena florentina MAGRETTI,1883
Andrena (Hyperandrena) florentina MAGRETTI,1883
Andrena floricola EVERSMANN,1852
Andrena (Micrandrena) floricola EVERSMANN,1852
Andrena florivaga EVERSMANN,1852
Andrena (Lepidandrena) florivaga EVERSMANN,1852
Andrena forsterella WARNCKE,1967
Andrena (Holandrena) forsterella WARNCKE,1967
Andrena fratercula WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Nobandrena) fratercula WARNCKE,1975
Andrena freygessneri Alfken,1904
Andrena (Cnemidandrena) freygessneri Alfken,1904
Andrena fria WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Distandrena) fria WARNCKE,1975
Andrena fucata SMITH,1847
Andrena (Andrena) fucata SMITH,1847
Andrena fulica WARNCKE,1974
Andrena (incertae sedis) fulica WARNCKE,1974
Andrena fuliginata PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Taeniandrena) fuliginata PEREZ,1895
Andrena fuligula WARNCKE,1966
Andrena (Truncandrena) fuligula WARNCKE,1966
Andrena fulva (MÜLLER,1766)
Andrena (Andrena) fulva (MÜLLER,1766)
photo  photo  photo  photo  photo  photo  photo  photo  photo  photo
Andrena fulvago (CHRIST,1791)
Andrena (Chrysandrena) fulvago (CHRIST,1791)
Andrena fulvata STOECKHERT,1930
Andrena (Ptilandrena) fulvata STOECKHERT,1930
Andrena fulvida SCHENCK,1853
Andrena (Euandrena) fulvida SCHENCK,1853
Andrena fulvitarsis BRULLE,1832
Andrena (Ulandrena) fulvitarsis BRULLE,1832
Andrena fumida PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Fumandrena) fumida PEREZ,1895
Andrena funerea WARNCKE,1967
Andrena (Nobandrena) funerea WARNCKE,1967
Andrena fuscipes (KIRBY,1802)
Andrena (Cnemidandrena) fuscipes (KIRBY,1802)
Andrena fuscocalcarata MORAWITZ,1878
Andrena (Melandrena) fuscocalcarata MORAWITZ,1878
Andrena fuscosa ERICHSON,1835
Andrena (Melanapis) fuscosa ERICHSON,1835
Andrena galbula WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Chlorandrena) galbula WARNCKE,1975
Andrena gallica Schmiedeknecht,1883
Andrena (Melandrena) gallica Schmiedeknecht,1883
Andrena gallinula WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Orandrena) gallinula WARNCKE,1975
Andrena gamskrucki WARNCKE,1965
Andrena (Osychnyukandrena) gamskrucki WARNCKE,1965
Andrena garrula WARNCKE,1966
Andrena (Orandrena) garrula WARNCKE,1966
Andrena garzetta WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Micrandrena) garzetta WARNCKE,1975
Andrena gasparella Patiny,1997
Andrena (Simandrena) gasparella PATINY,1997
Andrena gazella FRIESE,1922
Andrena (Zonandrena) gazella FRIESE,1922
Andrena gelriae VANDER VECHT,1927
Andrena (Taeniandrena) gelriae VANDER VECHT,1927
Andrena glabriventris ALFKEN,1935
Andrena (Euandrena) glabriventris ALFKEN,1935
Andrena glandaria WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Chrysandrena) glandaria WARNCKE,1975
Andrena glareola WARNCKE,1969
Andrena (Ulandrena) glareola WARNCKE,1969
Andrena glidia WARNCKE,1965
Andrena (Ptilandrena) glidia WARNCKE,1965
Andrena gordia WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Chlorandrena) gordia WARNCKE,1975
Andrena govinda WARNCKE,1974
Andrena (Distandrena) govinda WARNCKE,1974
Andrena graecella WARNCKE,1965
Andrena (Graecandrena) graecella WARNCKE,1965
Andrena grandilabris PEREZ,1903
Andrena (Melandrena) grandilabris PEREZ,1903
Andrena granulosa PEREZ,1902
Andrena (Euandrena) granulosa PEREZ,1902
Andrena gravida IMHOFF,1832
Andrena (Zonandrena) gravida IMHOFF,1832
Andrena gregaria WARNCKE,1974
Andrena (Taeniandrena) gregaria WARNCKE,1974
Andrena griseigena WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Fumandrena) griseigena WARNCKE,1975
Andrena grossella GRÜNWALDT,1976
Andrena (incertae sedis) grossella GRÜNWALDT,1976
Andrena grozdanici OSYCHNYUK, 1975
Andrena (incertae sedis) grozdanici OSYCHNYUK, 1975
Andrena gunaca WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Orandrena) gunaca WARNCKE,1975
Andrena guttata WARNCKE,1969
Andrena (Poliandrena) guttata WARNCKE,1969
Andrena haemorrhoa (FABRICIUS,1781)
Andrena (Trachandrena) haemorrhoa (FABRICIUS,1781)

The ssp. messaadensis Cherair, Scheuchl, Doumandji & Louadi 2013 has been recently described from an Algerian steppic area. These authors reassessed as conspecific the record of Andrena albicans in Lybia from Guiglia (1929).

Pierre Rasmont
photo  photo  photo
Andrena hattorfiana (FABRICIUS, 1775)
Andrena (Charitandrena) hattorfiana (FABRICIUS, 1775)
photo  photo  photo  photo  photo  photo  photo
Andrena hedikae JAEGER,1934
Andrena (Aenandrena) hedikae JAEGER,1934
Andrena heinrichi GRUENWALDT,2005
Andrena (Ulandrena) heinrichi GRUENWALDT,2005
Andrena helenica WARNCKE,1965
Andrena (Graecandrena) helenica WARNCKE,1965
Andrena helouanensis FRIESE,1899
Andrena (Thysandrena) helouanensis FRIESE,1899
Andrena helvola (L.,1758)
Andrena (Andrena) helvola (L.,1758)
Andrena henotica WARNCKE, 1975
Andrena (Chrysandrena) henotica WARNCKE, 1975
Andrena hesperia SMITH,1853
Andrena (Chrysandrena) hesperia SMITH,1853
Andrena hibernica WARNCKE, 1975
Andrena (Poliandrena) hibernica WARNCKE, 1975
Andrena hillana WARNCKE,1968
Andrena (Aciandrena) hillana WARNCKE,1968
Andrena hirticornis PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Suandrena) hirticornis PEREZ,1895
Andrena hispania WARNCKE,1967
Andrena (Melandrena) hispania WARNCKE,1967
Andrena humabilis WARNCKE,1965
Andrena (Chlorandrena) humabilis WARNCKE,1965
Andrena humilis IMHOFF,1832
Andrena (Chlorandrena) humilis IMHOFF,1832
Andrena hungarica FRIESE,1887
Andrena (Zonandrena) hungarica FRIESE,1887
Andrena hyacinthina MAVROMOUSTAKIS,1958
Andrena (Margandrena) hyacinthina MAVROMOUSTAKIS,1958
Andrena hybrida WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Poecilandrena) hybrida WARNCKE,1975
Andrena hyemala WARNCKE,1973
Andrena (Graecandrena) hyemala WARNCKE,1973
Andrena hypopolia SCHMIEDEKNECHT, 1883
Andrena (Thysandrena) hypopolia SCHMIEDEKNECHT, 1883
Andrena hystrix SCHMIEDEKNECHT,1883
Andrena (Aenandrena) hystrix SCHMIEDEKNECHT,1883
Andrena icterina WARNCKE, 1974
Andrena (Micrandrena) icterina WARNCKE, 1974
Andrena iliaca WARNCKE,1969
Andrena (incertae sedis) iliaca WARNCKE,1969
Andrena illyrica WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Micrandrena) illyrica Warncke,1975
Andrena immaculata WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Fumandrena) immaculata WARNCKE,1975
Andrena impunctata PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Graecandrena) impunctata PEREZ,1895
Andrena incisa EVERSMANN,1852
Andrena (Campylogaster) incisa EVERSMANN,1852
Andrena incognita WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Micrandrena) incognita WARNCKE,1975
Andrena inconstans MORAWITZ,1878
Andrena (Andrena) inconstans MORAWITZ,1878
Andrena induta MORAWITZ,1895
Andrena (Melandrena) induta MORAWITZ,1895
Andrena innesi GRIBODO,1894
Andrena (Melittoides) innesi GRIBODO,1894
Andrena insignis WARNCKE,1974
Andrena (Chlorandrena) insignis WARNCKE,1974
Andrena intermedia THOMSON,1870
Andrena (Taeniandrena) intermedia THOMSON,1870
Andrena isabellina WARNCKE,1969
Andrena (Ulandrena) isabellina WARNCKE,1969
Andrena isis SCHMIEDEKNECHT,1900
Andrena (Chlorandrena) isis SCHMIEDEKNECHT,1900
Andrena ispida WARNCKE,1966
Andrena (Holandrena) ispida WARNCKE,1966
Andrena janthina WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Aciandrena) janthina WARNCKE,1975
Andrena jugorum MORAWITZ,1877
Andrena (Andrena) jugorum MORAWITZ,1877
Andrena kamarti SCHMIEDEKNECHT,1900
Andrena (Chlorandrena) kamarti SCHMIEDEKNECHT,1900
Andrena kilikiae WARNCKE,1969
Andrena (Poecilandrena) kilikiae WARNCKE,1969
Andrena konyella WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Aciandrena) konyella WARNCKE,1975
Andrena kopetica OSYTSHNYUK,1993
Andrena (Micrandrena) kopetica OSYTSHNYUK,1993
Andrena korbella GRUENWALDT,2005
Andrena (Pallandrena) korbella GRUENWALDT,2005
Andrena korleviciana FRIESE,1887
Andrena (Zonandrena) korleviciana FRIESE,1887
Andrena kornosica MAVROMOUSTAKIS,1954
Andrena (Ptilandrena) kornosica MAVROMOUSTAKIS,1954
Andrena kotenkoi OSYTSCHNJUK,1994
Andrena (Fuscandrena) kotenkoi OSYTSCHNJUK,1994
Andrena krausiella GUSENLEITNER,1998
Andrena (Margandrena) krausiella GUSENLEITNER,1998
Andrena kriechbaumeri SCHMIEDEKNECHT,1883
Andrena (Poliandrena) kriechbaumeri SCHMIEDEKNECHT,1883
Andrena kurda WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Fumandrena) kurda WARNCKE,1975