Pierre Rasmont, Stuart P.M. Roberts, Denis Michez, Oliver Schweiger, Sébastien Patiny, Markus Franzén, Thibaut De Meulemeester, Bodgan Tomozei & Vladimir G. Radchenko
Atlas of the European Bees: genus Andrena

First on line 15.VIII.2013
Updated 6.IX.2013, 16.X.2013, 3.VII.2014

This page is constructed in the framework of the STEP project
Status and Trends of European Pollinators
Coordinator: Simon Geoffrey Potts, University of Reading

STEP Partners to Objective 1 (Document the status and trends of pollinators, map distributions):
University of Mons (Prof. Pierre Rasmont; Denis Michez; Stephanie Iserbyt; Yvan Barbier)
University of Reading (Stuart Roberts)

This first version is mainly based on the Klaus Warncke's manuscript conserved at the Oberösterreichishes Landesmuseum, Linz (Dr. F. Gusenleitner). It also includes a huge number of data sent by several big national and regional databases (see next section for the detail).

Many thanks to Yvan Barbier, Jean-Marc Michalowski, Alain Pauly and Nicolas Vereecken for the pictures.

Pierre Rasmont

Rasmont P. Roberts S.P.M., Michez D., Schweiger O., Franzen M., De Meulemeester T., Tomozei B. & Radchenko V. 2013. Atlas of the European Bees: genus Andrena. 1st Edition. STEP Project, Atlas Hymenoptera, Mons, Gembloux.

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Andrena L-O Fabricius, 1775

European bees
Andrena distinguenda SCHENCK,1871
=Andrena (Distandrena) obsoleta spongiosa WARNCKE,1967

The N. African points are from A. obsoleta Pérez,1895
Andrena labergeiella GUSENLEITNER,1998
Andrena (Hoplandrena) labergeiella GUSENLEITNER,1998
Andrena labialis (KIRBY,1802)
Andrena (Holandrena) labialis (KIRBY,1802)
Andrena labiata FABRICIUS,1781
Andrena (Poecilandrena) labiata FABRICIUS,1781
Andrena lagopus LATREILLE,1809
Andrena (Biareolina) lagopus LATREILLE,1809
Andrena lamiana WARNCKE,1965
Andrena (Aciandrena) lamiana WARNCKE,1965
Andrena langadensis WARNCKE,1965
Andrena (Notandrena) langadensis WARNCKE,1965
Andrena lapponica ZETTERSTEDT,1838
Andrena (Andrena) lapponica ZETTERSTEDT,1838
Andrena lateralis MORAWITZ,1876
Andrena (Campylogaster) lateralis MORAWITZ,1876
Andrena lathyri ALFKEN,1899
Andrena (Taeniandrena) lathyri ALFKEN,1899
photo  photo
Andrena laticalcar OSYTSHNYUK,1985
Andrena (Osychnyukandrena) laticalcar OSYTSHNYUK,1985
Andrena laticeps MORAWITZ,1878
Andrena (Poecilandrena) laticeps MORAWITZ,1878
Andrena laurivora WARNCKE,1974
Andrena (Poliandrena) laurivora WARNCKE,1974
Andrena lepida SCHENCK,1859
Andrena (Simandrena) lepida SCHENCK,1859
Andrena leptopyga PÉREZ, 1896
Andrena (Leucandrena) leptopyga PÉREZ, 1896
Andrena lepurana WARNCKE,1974
Andrena (Notandrena) lepurana WARNCKE,1974
Andrena leucocyanea PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Suandrena) leucocyanea PEREZ,1895
Andrena leucolippa PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Chlorandrena) leucolippa PEREZ,1895
Andrena leucophaea LEPELETIER,1841
Andrena (Carandrena) leucophaea LEPELETIER,1841
Andrena leucopsis WARNCKE,1967
Andrena (Taeniandrena) leucopsis WARNCKE,1967
Andrena leucura WARNCKE,1974
Andrena (Notandrena) leucura WARNCKE,1974
Andrena limassolica MAVROMOUSTAKIS,1948
Andrena (Poecilandrena) limassolica MAVROMOUSTAKIS,1948
Andrena limata SMITH,1853
Andrena (Melandrena) limata SMITH,1853
Andrena limbata EVERSMANN,1852
Andrena (Poliandrena) limbata EVERSMANN,1852
Andrena limonii OSYTSHNYUK,1983
Andrena (Brachyandrena) limonii OSYTSHNYUK,1983
Andrena lindbergella PITTIONI,1950
Andrena (Micrandrena) lindbergella PITTIONI,1950
Andrena lineolata WARNCKE,1967
Andrena (Micrandrena) lineolata WARNCKE,1967
Andrena livens PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Chlorandrena) livens PEREZ,1895
Andrena longibarbis PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Distandrena) longibarbis PEREZ,1895
Andrena lonicera Warncke,1973
Andrena (Stenomelissa) lonicera Warncke,1973
Andrena lucidula WARNCKE,1974
Andrena (Micrandrena) lucidula WARNCKE,1974
Andrena luscinia WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Micrandrena) luscinia WARNCKE,1975
Andrena lutea WARNCKE,1967
Andrena (Carandrena) lutea WARNCKE,1967
Andrena macroptera WARNCKE,1974
Andrena (Poliandrena) macroptera WARNCKE,1974
Andrena maderensis COCKERELL,1922
Andrena (Suandrena) maderensis COCKERELL,1922
Andrena magna WARNCKE,1965
Andrena (Melandrena) magna WARNCKE,1965
Andrena magunta WARNCKE,1965
Andrena (Micrandrena) magunta WARNCKE,1965
Andrena majalis MORAWITZ,1876
Andrena (Euandrena) majalis MORAWITZ,1876
Andrena mara WARNCKE,1974
Andrena (Chlorandrena) mara WARNCKE,1974
Andrena marginata FABRICIUS,1776
Andrena (Margandrena) marginata FABRICIUS,1776
Andrena mariana WARNCKE,1968
Andrena (Distandrena) mariana WARNCKE,1968
Andrena marmora NURSE,1904
Andrena (Melandrena) marmora NURSE,1904
Andrena maroccana BENOIST,1950
Andrena (Suandrena) maroccana BENOIST,1950
Andrena marsae SCHMIEDEKNECHT,1900
Andrena (Poliandrena) marsae SCHMIEDEKNECHT,1900
Andrena medeninensis PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Truncandrena) medeninensis PEREZ,1895
Andrena mediovittata PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Poliandrena) mediovittata PEREZ,1895
Andrena melacana WARNCKE,1967
Andrena (Avandrena) melacana WARNCKE,1967
Andrena melaleuca PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Poliandrena) melaleuca PEREZ,1895
Andrena melanota WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Poliandrena) melanota WARNCKE,1975
Andrena melba WARNCKE,1966
Andrena (Simandrena) melba WARNCKE,1966
Andrena melittoides FRIESE,1899
Andrena (Melittoides) melittoides FRIESE,1899
Andrena merimna SAUNDERS,1908
Andrena (Distandrena) merimna SAUNDERS,1908
Andrena merula WARNCKE,1969
Andrena (Chrysandrena) merula WARNCKE,1969
Andrena metallescens COCKERELL,1906
Andrena (Melandrena) metallescens COCKERELL,1906
Andrena microcardia PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Chlorandrena) microcardia PEREZ,1895
Andrena microthorax PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Carandrena) microthorax PEREZ,1895
Andrena miegiella DOURS,1873
Andrena (Brachyandrena) miegiella DOURS,1873
Andrena minapalumboi Gribodo,1894
Andrena (Truncandrena) minapalumboi Gribodo,1894

Warncke in litt. considered that the species included 2 ssp.:
ssp. minapalumboi s.s.
ssp. delphiensis (from Greece).

Gusenleitner & Schwarz 2001 erected Andrena delphiensis as a good species (see under this species)
Andrena minima WARNCKE,1974
Andrena (Aciandrena) minima WARNCKE,1974
Andrena minutula (KIRBY,1802)
Andrena (Micrandrena) minutula (KIRBY,1802)

This species includes the next subspecies, following Gusenleitner & Schwarz 2001:

ssp. minutula s.s. (C., N. Europe, E. Europe, Caucasian region)
ssp. lenis Pérez, 1903 (Iberian peninsula and SW. France)
ssp. alga Warncke, 1974 (Morocco, Algeria, Tunesia)
ssp. dargia Warncke, 1965 (Balkans, W. Turkey)
photo  photo  photo  photo
Andrena minutuloides PERKINS,1914
Andrena (Micrandrena) minutuloides PERKINS,1914
Andrena mirzojani OSYTSHNYUK,1993
Andrena (Micrandrena) mirzojani OSYTSHNYUK,1993
Andrena mistrensis GRUENWALDT,2005
Andrena (Leucandrena) mistrensis GRUENWALDT,2005
Andrena mitis SCHMIEDEKNECHT,1883
Andrena (Andrena) mitis SCHMIEDEKNECHT,1883
Andrena mocsaryi SCHMIEDEKNECHT,1883
Andrena (Lepidandrena) mocsaryi SCHMIEDEKNECHT,1883
Andrena monacha WARNCKE,1966
Andrena (Cryptandrena) monacha WARNCKE,1966
Andrena mongolica MORAWITZ,1880
Andrena (Plastandrena) mongolica MORAWITZ,1880
Andrena monilia WARNCKE,1967
Andrena (Orandrena) monilia WARNCKE,1967
Andrena montana Warncke,1973
Andrena (Euandrena) montana Warncke,1973
Andrena montanula OSYTSHNYUK,1986
Andrena (Euandrena) montanula OSYTSHNYUK,1986
Andrena montarca WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Aciandrena) montarca WARNCKE,1975
Andrena moricei FRIESE,1899
Andrena (Truncandrena) moricei FRIESE,1899
Andrena morio BRULLE,1832
Andrena (Melandrena) morio BRULLE,1832
Andrena mucida KRIECHBAUMER,1873
Andrena (Didonia) mucida KRIECHBAUMER,1873
Andrena mucronata MORAWITZ,1871
Andrena (Truncandrena) mucronata MORAWITZ,1871
Andrena murana WARNCKE,1967
Andrena (Poliandrena) murana WARNCKE,1967
Andrena muscaria WARNCKE,1965
Andrena (Ptilandrena) muscaria WARNCKE,1965
Andrena musica GUSENLEITNER,1998
Andrena (Zonandrena) musica GUSENLEITNER,1998
Andrena nana (KIRBY,1802)
Andrena (Micrandrena) nana (KIRBY,1802)
Andrena nanaeformis NOSKIEWICZ,1924
Andrena (Micrandrena) nanaeformis NOSKIEWICZ,1924
Andrena nanula NYLANDER,1848
Andrena (Micrandrena) nanula NYLANDER,1848
Andrena nasuta GIRAUD,1863
Andrena (Didonia) nasuta GIRAUD,1863
Andrena nebularia WARNCKE
Andrena (Graecandrena) nebularia WARNCKE
Andrena negevana GUSENLEITNER & SCHEUCHL,2000
Andrena (Chlorandrena) negevana GUSENLEITNER & SCHEUCHL,2000
Andrena neocypriaca MAVROMOUSTAKIS,1956
Andrena (Ulandrena) neocypriaca MAVROMOUSTAKIS,1956
Andrena neovirida GRUENWALDT,2005
Andrena (Poecilandrena) neovirida GRUENWALDT,2005
Andrena nigriceps (KIRBY,1802)
Andrena (Cnemidandrena) nigriceps (KIRBY,1802)
Andrena nigroaenea (KIRBY,1802)
Andrena (Melandrena) nigroaenea (KIRBY,1802)
Andrena nigroolivacea DOURS,1873
Andrena (Chlorandrena) nigroolivacea DOURS,1873
Andrena nigrospina THOMSON,1872
Andrena (Plastandrena) nigrospina THOMSON,1872
Andrena nigroviridula DOURS,1873
Andrena (Carandrena) nigroviridula DOURS,1873
Andrena nilotica WARNCKE,1967
Andrena (Campylogaster) nilotica WARNCKE,1967
Andrena nisoria WARNCKE,1969
Andrena (Parandrenella) nisoria WARNCKE,1969
Andrena nitida (MÜLLER,1776)
Andrena (Melandrena) nitida (MÜLLER,1776)
Andrena nitidemula SCHEUCHL & HAZIR,2012
Andrena (Melandrena) nitidemula SCHEUCHL & HAZIR,2012
Andrena nitidilabris PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Aciandrena) nitidilabris PEREZ,1895
Andrena nitidiuscula SCHENCK,1853
Andrena (Notandrena) nitidiuscula SCHENCK,1853
Andrena nitidula Pérez,1903
Andrena (Distandrena) nitidula Pérez,1903
Andrena niveata FRIESE,1887
Andrena (Micrandrena) niveata FRIESE,1887
Andrena nobilis MORAWITZ,1874
Andrena (Nobandrena) nobilis MORAWITZ,1874
Andrena nucleola WARNCKE,1972
Andrena (incertae sedis) nucleola WARNCKE,1972
Andrena numida LEPELETIER,1841
Andrena (Thysandrena) numida LEPELETIER,1841
Andrena nuptialis PEREZ,1902
Andrena (Hoplandrena) nuptialis PEREZ,1902
Andrena nycthemera IMHOFF,1866
Andrena (Andrena) nycthemera IMHOFF,1866
Andrena oblita WARNCKE,1967
Andrena (Pallandrena) oblita WARNCKE,1967
Andrena ochropa WARNCKE,1974
Andrena (Avandrena) ochropa WARNCKE,1974
Andrena oedicnema WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Micrandrena) oedicnema WARNCKE,1975
Andrena oenas WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Micrandrena) oenas WARNCKE,1975
Andrena olympica GRUENWALDT,2005
Andrena (Poecilandrena) olympica GRUENWALDT,2005
Andrena oralis MORAWITZ,1876
Andrena (Orandrena) oralis MORAWITZ,1876
Andrena orana WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Distandrena) orana WARNCKE,1975
Andrena orbitalis MORAWITZ,1871
Andrena (Rufandrena) orbitalis MORAWITZ,1871
Andrena orientana WARNCKE, 1965
Andrena (Chlorandrena) orientana WARNCKE, 1965
Andrena ornata MORAWITZ,1866
Andrena (Melandrena) ornata MORAWITZ,1866
Andrena oulskii RADOSZKOWSKI,1867
Andrena (Truncandrena) oulskii RADOSZKOWSKI,1867
Andrena ounifa WARNCKE,1974
Andrena (Ulandrena) ounifa WARNCKE,1974
Andrena ovatula (KIRBY,1802)
Andrena (Taeniandrena) ovatula (KIRBY,1802)
Andrena oviventris PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Poliandrena) oviventris PEREZ,1895