Pierre Rasmont, Stuart P.M. Roberts, Denis Michez, Oliver Schweiger, Sébastien Patiny, Markus Franzén, Thibaut De Meulemeester, Bodgan Tomozei & Vladimir G. Radchenko
Atlas of the European Bees: genus Andrena

First on line 15.VIII.2013
Updated 6.IX.2013, 16.X.2013

This page is constructed in the framework of the STEP project
Status and Trends of European Pollinators
Coordinator: Simon Geoffrey Potts, University of Reading

STEP Partners to Objective 1 (Document the status and trends of pollinators, map distributions):
University of Mons (Prof. Pierre Rasmont; Denis Michez; Stephanie Iserbyt; Yvan Barbier)
University of Reading (Stuart Roberts)

This first version is mainly based on the Klaus Warncke's manuscript conserved at the Oberösterreichishes Landesmuseum, Linz (Dr. F. Gusenleitner). It also includes a huge number of data sent by several big national and regional databases (see next section for the detail).

Many thanks to Yvan Barbier, Jean-Marc Michalowski, Alain Pauly and Nicolas Vereecken for the pictures.

Pierre Rasmont

Rasmont P. Roberts S.P.M., Michez D., Schweiger O., Franzen M., De Meulemeester T., Tomozei B. & Radchenko V. 2013. Atlas of the European Bees: genus Andrena. 1st Edition. STEP Project, Atlas Hymenoptera, Mons, Gembloux.

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Andrena T-Z Fabricius, 1775

European bees
Andrena tadauchii GUSENLEITNER,1998
Andrena (Chlorandrena) tadauchii GUSENLEITNER,1998
Andrena tadorna WARNCKE,1974
Andrena (Ulandrena) tadorna WARNCKE,1974
Andrena taprobana WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Micrandrena) taprobana WARNCKE,1975
Andrena taraxaci GIRAUD,1861
Andrena (Chlorandrena) taraxaci GIRAUD,1861
Andrena tarsata NYLANDER,1848
Andrena (Poliandrena) tarsata NYLANDER,1848
Andrena taxana WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Parandrenella) taxana WARNCKE,1975
Andrena tebessana SCHEUCHL, BENARFA & LOUADI,2011
Andrena (Parandrenella) tebessana SCHEUCHL, BENARFA & LOUADI,2011
Andrena tenuiformis PITTIONI,1950
Andrena (Aciandrena) tenuiformis PITTIONI,1950
Andrena tenuis MORAWITZ,1878
Andrena (Aciandrena) tenuis MORAWITZ,1878
Andrena tenuistriata PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Micrandrena) tenuistriata PEREZ,1895
Andrena testaceipes SAUNDERS,1908
Andrena (Margandrena) testaceipes SAUNDERS,1908
Andrena teunisseni GUSENLEITNER,1998
Andrena (Didonia) teunisseni GUSENLEITNER,1998
Andrena thomsoni DUCKE,1898
Andrena (Simandrena) thomsoni DUCKE,1898
Andrena thoracica (FABRICIUS,1775)
Andrena (Melandrena) thoracica (FABRICIUS,1775)
Andrena tiaretta WARNCKE, 1974
Andrena (Micrandrena) tiaretta WARNCKE, 1974
Andrena tibialis (KIRBY,1802)
Andrena (Plastandrena) tibialis (KIRBY,1802)
photo  photo
Andrena tinaria GUSENLEITNER,1998
Andrena (Lepidandrena) tinaria GUSENLEITNER,1998
Andrena tkalcui GUSENLEITNER & SCHWARZ,2002
Andrena (Micrandrena) tkalcui GUSENLEITNER & SCHWARZ,2002
Andrena toelgiana FRIESE,1921
Andrena (Poliandrena) toelgiana FRIESE,1921
Andrena tomora WARNCKE, 1975
Andrena (Fumandrena) tomora WARNCKE, 1975
Andrena torda WARNCKE,1966
Andrena (Cordandrena) torda WARNCKE,1966
Andrena totana WARNCKE, 1974
Andrena (Graecandrena) totana WARNCKE, 1974
Andrena transitoria MORAWITZ,1871
Andrena (Simandrena) transitoria MORAWITZ,1871
Andrena tricuspidata SCHEUCHL,2010
Andrena (Chlorandrena) tricuspidata SCHEUCHL,2010
Andrena tridentata (KIRBY,1802)
Andrena (Cnemidandrena) tridentata (KIRBY,1802)
Andrena trikalensis WARNCKE,1965
Andrena (Ulandrena) trikalensis WARNCKE,1965
Andrena trimmerana (KIRBY,1802)
Andrena (Hoplandrena) trimmerana (KIRBY,1802)
Andrena tringa WARNCKE,1973
Andrena (Micrandrena) tringa WARNCKE,1973
Andrena tringoides OSYTSHNYUK,1993
Andrena (Micrandrena) tringoides OSYTSHNYUK,1993
Andrena truncatilabris MORAWITZ,1878
Andrena (Truncandrena) truncatilabris MORAWITZ,1878

It includes the next sspp.
ssp. truncatilabris s.s. (mainland of Europe).
ssp. espanola Warncke, 1967 (Iberian peninsula, SW France)
ssp. nigropilosa Warnke, 1967 (Morocco, Algeria)
Andrena tscheki MORAWITZ,1872
Andrena (Truncandrena) tscheki MORAWITZ,1872
Andrena tuberculifera PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Lepidandrena) tuberculifera PEREZ,1895
Andrena tunetana SCHMIEDCKNECHT,1900
Andrena (Parandrena) tunetana SCHMIEDCKNECHT,1900
Andrena ulula WARNCKE, 1969
Andrena (Truncandrena) ulula WARNCKE, 1969
Andrena ungeri MAVROMOUSTAKIS,195?
Andrena (Notandrena) ungeri MAVROMOUSTAKIS,195?
Andrena unicincta FRIESE,1899
Andrena (Poliandrena) unicincta FRIESE,1899
Andrena urdula WARNCKE,1965
Andrena (Notandrena) urdula WARNCKE,1965
Andrena urfanella SCHEUCHL & HAZIR,2012
Andrena (Truncandrena) urfanella SCHEUCHL & HAZIR,2012
Andrena vacella WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Aciandrena) vacella WARNCKE,1975
Andrena vachali PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Zonandrena) vachali PEREZ,1895
Andrena vaga PANZER,1799
Andrena (Melandrena) vaga PANZER,1799
photo  photo  photo  photo  photo  photo
Andrena varia PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Truncandrena) varia PEREZ,1895
Andrena variabilis SMITH,1853
Andrena (Holandrena) variabilis SMITH,1853
Andrena varians (ROSSI,1792)
Andrena (Andrena) varians (ROSSI,1792)
Andrena varicornis PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Aciandrena) varicornis PEREZ,1895
Andrena vaulogeri PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Cordandrena) vaulogeri PEREZ,1895
Andrena venerabilis ALFKEN,1935
Andrena (Simandrena) venerabilis ALFKEN,1935
Andrena ventralis IMHOFF,1832
Andrena (Parandrena) ventralis IMHOFF,1832
Andrena ventricosa DOURS,1873
Andrena (Cryptandrena) ventricosa DOURS,1873
Andrena verae OSYTSHNYUK,1986
Andrena (Euandrena) verae OSYTSHNYUK,1986
Andrena verticalis PEREZ,1895
Andrena (Aciandrena) verticalis PEREZ,1895
Andrena vetula LEPELETIER,1841
Andrena (Ptilandrena) vetula LEPELETIER,1841
Andrena villipes PÉREZ, 1896
Andrena (Truncandrena) villipes PÉREZ, 1896
Andrena virgata WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Micrandrena) virgata WARNCKE,1975
Andrena viridescens VIERECK,1916
Andrena (Poecilandrena) viridescens VIERECK,1916
Andrena volgensis OSYTSHNYUK,1994
Andrena (Aciandrena) volgensis OSYTSHNYUK,1994
Andrena volka WARNCKE,1969
Andrena (Graecandrena) volka WARNCKE,1969
Andrena vulcana DOURS,1873
Andrena (Zonandrena) vulcana DOURS,1873
Andrena vulpecula KRIECHBAUMER,1873
Andrena (Euandrena) vulpecula KRIECHBAUMER,1873
Andrena warnckei GUSENLEITNER & SCHWARZ,2000
Andrena (Micrandrena) warnckei GUSENLEITNER & SCHWARZ,2000
Andrena westensis WARNCKE,1965
Andrena (Poliandrena) westensis Warncke, 1965
= A. unicincta westensis Warncke, 1965

See remark on A. caspica Morawitz.
Andrena wilhelmi SCHUBERTH,1995
Andrena (Holandrena) wilhelmi SCHUBERTH,1995
Andrena wilkella (KIRBY,1802)
Andrena (Taeniandrena) wilkella (KIRBY,1802)
Andrena (Parandrena) wolfi GUSENLEITNER & SCHEUCHL,2000
Andrena wollastoni COCKERELL,1922
Andrena (Micrandrena) wollastoni COCKERELL,1922
Andrena yelkouan WARNCKE,1975
Andrena (Aciandrena) yelkouan WARNCKE,1975
Andrena zuvandiana OSYTSHNYUK,1994
Andrena (Graecandrena) zuvandiana OSYTSHNYUK,1994