Nomioides (Nomioides) facilis

(Smith 1853)

Taxon referenced in page Nomioides
Author(s) : Pauly A.
Halictus facilis Smith 1853: 51, M. Holotype: M, “Malta [35°55'N 14°26'E]”, “B. M. type Hym. 17.a.1057”; BMNH (examined).
Nomioides fallax Handlirsch 1888: 401, figs 2, 7, F, M. Lectotype (designated by Pesenko 1983: 162): F, “[leg.] Mann, 1865, Tultscha” [Dobruja, western Bulgaria] [45°10'N 28°48'E]; NMW. Synonymised by Blüthgen (1925: 34).
Nomioides callosus Pérez 1895: 56, F, M. Syntypes: 12 FF, 1 M, northern Italy and Sicily; MNHNP. Synonymised by Blüthgen (1925: 34, 38; 1934a: 249).
Halictus handlirschii Dalla Torre & Friese 1895: 38, new name for Nomioides fallax Handlirsch 1888 (preoccupied in the genus Halictus) nec Halictus fallax Morawitz 1874.
Nomioides facilis var. dusmeti Blüthgen 1925: 35, F. Holotype: F, “Aranuez [Spain] [40°03'N 3°40'W], 30.V.1910, [leg.] Dusmet”; “in coll. Dusmet, Madrid”. Synonymised by Pesenko (1983: 163).
Nomioides facilis var. bipunctata Blüthgen 1925: 37, M. Holotype: M, “Madrid [40°27'N 3°41'W], 18.VII.1900”; no indication of deposition place. Synonymised by Pesenko (1983: 163).
Nomioides cruciferarum Cockerell 1931: 205, F, M. Syntypes: 7 FF, 1 M, “Rabat, Morocco [34°02'N 6°50'W], at flowers of Synapis, Aug. 5, 24, [leg.] Cockerell”; BMNH, MCZC (1 M examined). Synonymised by Pesenko (1983: 163). Earlier, Blüthgen (1934a: 250) considered this nominal taxon as Nomioides fallax var. cruciferarum.

Distribution. Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, southern Europe, southwestern Asia (Near East, Arabian Peninsula, Island of Socotra, Asia Minor, Iran).

Visited plants (in Africa). Apiaceae: Ammi visnaga (2 FF). Brassicaceae: Synapis sp. (1 M). Resedaceae: Reseda lutea (1 F); Reseda luteola (1 F). Rhamnaceae: Ziziphus lotus (1 M).



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