Sceliphron curvatum

(F. Smith 1870)

Taxon referenced in page Sceliphron (Sphecidae)
Author(s) : Y. Barbier
Espèce d'origine asiatique trouvée pour la première fois en Autriche dans les années '90

This oriental species has been found for the first time in Austria during the nineties.

2006 : new record in the Netherlands during summer by Hans van der Post (cf

2010 : the species is now recorded from south-west France (Landes). Record by p. Dauge (cf

June 2010 : the species has been observed in Paris by R. Proffit (cf

Following Castro (2010), the species is now well implanted in the middle eastern part of iberian peninsula.

Schneider et al (2014) : new for Luxembourg (2011) and Belgium (2013)

Don't miss the interresting paper of Ćetković et al (2011) (ref below)



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