Morawitz 1876

Taxon referenced in page Melittidae de Belgique (Melitta)
Author(s) : Michez D.
Female/male. Galea pointed apically, outer surface mat and sculptured. Maxillary palpus as long as galea. Malar area shorter than A2. Vertex expanded (ocellocular distance as long as distance between median ocellus and preoccipital ridge). Scutum and scutellum smooth between punctures. Propodeal triangle rugulose. Metasoma black.
Female. L=13.3mm. Clypeus twice as wide as long, with narrow, smooth, median line. T2-T3 with reddish hair. T2-T4 with white, apical, hair bands, longer than marginal zone. Prepygidial fimbria black, with a few white hairs laterally. Pp with lateral grooves.
Male. L=11.8mm. Clypeus and face covered with dense white hair. A3 as long as A4. A4-A12 cylinder shaped. Bt3 mostly three times as wide as mediotarsus. Terga without apical hair bands. S6 with median elevated area. Apex of S6 with long, bushy, brown hair medially and laterally. S7 with apicolateral process blade-shaped. Apical plate of S8 triangular. Column of S8 ventrally covered with long, black, bushy hair. Gonostylus flat ventrally. Base of penis valve widen. Digitus rounded apically.



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