Bombus (Thoracobombus) pomorum

(Panzer, 1805)

Author(s) : Rasmont P
Bombus pomorum belongs to the pomorum-group (formerly sg. Rhodobombus).
B. pomorum pomorum lives in the plains and hills of West and Central Europe and W. Anatolia. The subspecies B. pomorum uralensis is found in the plains and the southern hills of the Ural region ; the subspecies B. pomorum canus in the subalpine and alpine steppes of E. Anatolia, Armenia and the Caucasus region.
The distribution of B. pomorum pomorum is restricted in latitude. Its southern limits are: in Massif Central (France), in N. Greece, and in N. Anatolia. The most northern findings are from the Danish Jylland, with one ancient location in S. Sweden, southern Latvia and, in Russia, the Novgorod and Molotov (Ural) regions.
In longitude, the subspecies ranges from Normandy (France) to the Perm region (Russia). Only one specimen is known from the British Is. and it has never been caught in the Pyrenees. All the southern locations are in the mountains ; many northern ones are ancient.
P. Rasmont



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