Bombus (Cullumanobombus) semenoviellus

Skorikov, 1910

Author(s) : Rasmont P
The information on B. semenoviellus is rather scanty. Until recently, it had been found between the 50th and 65th parallels, from Lithuania in the west to the Okhotsk sea in the east.
Quite recently (12.VIII.1998), Mrs Jane van der Smissen collected a male, on Cirsium sp., at Lübeck-Walkenkrug, 53°55'N 10°44'E (Schleswig-Holstein, N. Germany) (van der Smissen & Rasmont, 2000). More specimens have been collected here and there in Germany. It has also been found in Czech republic, in Estonia, in Latvia and in Poland. In Finland, it is extending its distribution westwards and northwards.
P. Rasmont