Lasioglossum (Lasioglossum) spp.

Taxon referenced in page Atlas of European bees - STEP Project
Author(s) : Pauly A.
Main contributions to the maps :

BDFMG (2011)

Other dataset received and included at 01.III.2011 : Poland (J. Banaszak & T. Cierzniak; received 2001, L. sexnotatum only).

Main collections studied (AP) : Belgium (Brussels, Gembloux, Mons); France (Paris, Strasbourg); Germany (Munchen, rare species only); United Kingdom (London, L. prasinum only).

Main private collections studied: ...

Litterature: Ebmer (various papers, rare species only).

Remark: Distribution maps are relatively complete for rare species in southern Europe. They are compiled mainly from literature. Data are lacking on the maps for common species in central, northern, and eastern Europe.