Xylocopa (Ctenoxylocopa) fenestrata

(Fabricius 1798)

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Author(s) : Terzo & Rasmont
= Xylocopa lunata Klug 1807
= Xylocopa indica Klug 1807
= Xylocopa serripes Burmeister 1876
= Xylocopa gardineri Cameron 1902
= Xylocopa serripes Hedicke 1938
= Xylocopa hedickei Maa 1940
Widespread in western Oriental Region and penetrating into part of Palaearctic Region, very common in lowlands in India ; at present known from NE Arabia (Muscat), Iraq (Assur), Iran, W. Pakistan, Kashmir, India, Maldive Is., Ceylon, Andaman Is., E. Pakistan and Burma. The western- and northernmost limits of the known range are Iraq: Assur and Kashmir: Srinagar, respectively. F. Smith's (1874 : 268) record of this species from Celebes is obviously unreliable ; Burmeister's (1876 : 156) record, under the name serripes from Brazil : Rio de Janeiro is perhaps in need of verification to see if the species has become established permanently in that country ; Friese's (1909 : 231) record, from French Somaliland : Obock probably referable to tessellata (Coincidentally, Vachal 1899 : 94, 107 recorded tessellata, also from Obock, under the name taschenbergi) ; Alfken's (1935 : 174) record from Palestine probably referable to sulcatipes. Meanwhile, Alfken's (1926 : 318) record of taschenbergi from Iraq: Basra is probably referable to fenestrata instead.
Maa, 1970



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