Xylocopa (Ctenoxylocopa) sulcatipes

Maa 1970

Taxon referenced in page Xylocopa STEP Europe
Author(s) : Terzo & Rasmont
Widespread in W. Asia, at present known from Arabia, Palestine
and Transcaspia. In SW Arabia : Aden, this species coexists and has long been in
confusion with ustulata, and F. Smith's (1874) and Friese's (1901, 1909) records of
"hottentotta" from Aden might well be a mixture of both species. The records under
the same name by Friese (1901, 1909) from Jericho, and by Maidl (1912) from Arabia
(in part), Dead Sea and Transcaspia are certainly referable to sulcatipes.
Maa, 1970