Xylocopa (Ctenoxylocopa) tessellata

Maa, 1970

Taxon referenced in page Xylocopa STEP Europe
Author(s) : Terzo & Rasmont
Probably confined to NE Africa, at present known from Sudan, Eritrea and French Somaliland. I have not seen any material from the last country but Friese's (1909 : 231) record of "fenestrata" from Obock and Vachal's (1899 : 94, 107) records of 2 males, 2 females of "taschenbergi" from Obock and 2 tftf, 7 QQ from Djibouti are very likely to be referable to tessellata. The single Q "Afrique, don de Reiche, existe au Museum de Paris" recorded by Vachal (1898 : 93) as taschenbergi is possibly referable to fenestrata (see discussions under ustulatd) and is perhaps a part of the original series of frontalis Reiche & Fairmaire from Abyssinia (Ethiopia).
Maa, 1970