Xylocopa (Ctenoxylocopa) ustulata

F. Smith 1854

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Author(s) : Terzo & Rasmont
= Xylocopa sudanica Cockerell 1933
LIBYA: 2 females (MSNG), Fezzan, Ubari. 1 q. (MSNG), Tripolitania, Tin Alcun, det. Guiglia as hottentotta.
EGYPT: 2 males (NHMW), det. Maidl as hottentotta. 4 females (NHMW), det. Kohl as
carinata, and then by Friese as hottentotta.
ERITREA: 1fem. (MSNG), Asmara. 2 males, 6 fem. (MSNG ex colln. Magretti), Ghinda,
Saati & Sahali. 1 Sf. (MSNG), Cheren, det. Vachal as hottentotta; 1 fem. (MSNG), Keren,
det. Magretti as hottentotta.
ARABIA: "Arabia": 1 fem. (MNHL), det. Enderlein as taschenbergi; 1 fem. (BMNH 1900.
36). Aden: 1 fem. (BMNH 93.145); 1 fem. (MNHL ex colln. F. Smith), det. Ritsema as
Widespread from W. Africa to SW Arabia; definitely known from Upper Volta, Gambia, Mali, Nigeria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia (Abyssinia), Eritrea and Aden. In SW Arabia, its distribution overlaps that of sulcatipes; and in Sudan and Eritrea, that of tessellata. The earlier records of this species under the name "hottentotta" from Senegal (Vachal 1899: 93, 107; Maidl 1912: 256, 270), are probably correct although I am unable to verify this ; the record from Cape of Good Hope (Vachal, 1. c.) is certainly unreliable; and the records by Maidl (1. c.) from S. Arabia, Dead Sea and Transcaspia, as evidenced by re-examination of his original material and by his description of £ frontal carina ("ganz gerade"), were clearly referable to sulcatipes. Friese's (1909 : 231) and Alfken's (1935 : 174) records from Jericho were probably referable to sulcatipes, too.
Maa, 1970



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