Bombus (Thoracobombus) mocsaryi

Kriechbaumer, 1877

Author(s) : Rasmont P
Bombus moscaryi belongs to the laesus-group (formerly sg. Laesobombus), together with the near species or subspecies Bombus laesus. Depending on the authors, these two species are separated or lumped together as subspecies of the same taxon laesus.
Bombus mocsaryi is very widely distributed: N. Africa (Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia), Spain, S. France, E. Austria, Hungary, Poland, Baltic states, Belarus, N. Ukraine and Russia (mainly between the 50th and 60th parallels). Scattered specimens have been collected in Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Romania. Curiously, the species is known neither from Italy nor from Bulgaria. There is a gap between the western populations (Spain, France and N. Africa) and the populations from E. Europe.
More east, B. mocsaryi is found here and there, from W. Siberia to the Pacific coast.
Bombus mocsaryi does not occur in true steppe (contrary to laesus s.s.) but in wooded steppe or in dry open grassland.

P. Rasmont



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