Anthidiellum irwini

Pauly 2015

Taxon referenced in page Anthidiini de Madagascar
Author(s) : Pauly A.
Holotype femelle: MADAGASCAR: Majunga Prov. , Besalampy District, Marofototra dry forest, 17 km W of Besalampy, 16°43.30'S 44°25.42’E, 56m (170ft), 6 -13.X. 2008, malaise, dry wash in forest, leg. M.Irwin, R.Harin'Hala, n° MG-42A-41 (CAS)

Paratype femelle: MADAGASCAR: Majunga Prov. , Maintirano District, Asondrodava dry forest, 15 km N of Maintirano, 17°57.92'S 44°2.13’E, 70m (200 ft.),15-22.X.2007, malaise, dry forest at dune, leg. M.Irwin & R.Harin'Hala, MG-43B-03 (CAS).



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