Apis (Micrapis) andreniformis

Smith 1858

Taxon referenced in page Apis of the world
Author(s) : Pauly A.
Distribution: north to China (Yunnan), south into Malaysia, eastward on the mainland to the coast of Vietnam, and westward as far as north-western India along the eastern border of Nepal (Engel, 1999).

Biogeography: Hepburn & Radloff 2011.

The most reliable character to rapidly distinguish A. andreniformis from A. florea is the denser punctuation of the abdominal tergite 2.

The mistaken notion that abdominal tergites 1 and 2 of A. florea are reddish and
other segments at least partially reddish, while those of A. andreniformis are
uniformly black, still permeates the literature (Radloff, Hepburn & Engel in Hepburn & Radloff, 2011, Honeybees of Asia).



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