Apis (Apis) mellifera iberiensis

Engel 1999

Taxon referenced in page Apis of the world
Author(s) : Pauly A.
Apis mellifera intermissa iberica Goetze 1964. Infrasubspecific name proposed after 1960 and therefore unavailable (I.C.Z.N. 1985: Art. 1b); preoccupied (nec. Skorikov 1929).
Apis mellifera iberica Ruttner 1988: 236. Corrected authorship (first available usage); preoccupied (nec Skorikov 1929).

Distribution: natively occurs on the Iberian Peninsula in Europe.
Two ecotypes of A. mellifera iberiensis occur in Spain as shown by Santiago et al. (1986) as well as two mitochondrial types as demonstrated by Smith et al. (1991) and Smith and Glenn (1995). Neotype designated by Engel from Cordoba populations sampled by Smith and Glenn (1995: their colony 1-1).