Apis (Apis) koschevnikovi

Enderlein 1906

Taxon referenced in page Apis of the world
Author(s) : Pauly A.
The Sundaland Honey Bee

Apis mellifica indica var koschevnikovi Buttel-reepen 1906. Unavailable because used infrasubspecifically (I.C.Z.N. 1985: Arts 10c, 23j, and 50c).
Apis indica variety koschevnikovi Enderlein 1906. First available usage.
Apis (Sigmatapis) vechti Maa 1953
Apis (Sigmatapis) vechti linda Maa 1953
Apis mellifera adansoni koschevnikowi Goetze 1964. Unjustified emendation.

Distribution: Malay Peninsula, Borneo, Brunei, Java, Sabah, Sarawak, and Sumatra (Engel, 1999).

Diagnose. This species is sympatric to A. cerana. It can be separated by it's black colour, and the different endophallus and hind legs of the drone (see Tingek et al. 1988).



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