Melecta aegyptiaca

Radoszkowski, 1876

Author(s) : Rasmont P.
Melecta (Melecta) aegyptiaca Radoszkowski, 1876
=Melecta lindbergi Lieftinck,1958

This species is quite rare and scattered all around the Mediterranean basin. Out of this main area, it is noticeably present in Slovakei and in Hungarn.

Hosts are unknown, but see remark below.

As foraging plant, Lieftinck (1980) only mentions one male on Anchusa officinalis in Hungarn. I found 4 females in Morocco near Errachidia on Brassica oleracea. I also found one female in Porquerolle Island (S. France) foraging Vicia sp.; M. aegyptica was flying there side by side with only one Anthophora species, A. (Pyganthophora) atroalba, specially abundant there.

P. Rasmont