Melecta festiva

Lieftinck, 1980

Author(s) : Rasmont P.
Melecta (Melecta) festiva Lieftinck, 1980

This species has been described quite recently (Lieftinck, 1980). It is a brightly ornated species, conspicuously recognisable by its large rectangular withe abdominal patches. It occurs here and there from Portugal to the west to Turkmenistan to the east. It does not occur at all in N. Africa and there are still no data from Iran.

It looks specially abundant in S.E. France where it is generally foraging side by side with Anthophora (Lophanthophora) affinis and the very near A. (Lophanthophora) mucida. Even if there is presently no nesting observation validating host relationship, these two Anthophora species are the most likely involved. It is noticeable that Melecta festiva is absent from N. Africa despite the occurence of these potential hosts.

As foraging plants, there are few available data: Lavandula stoechas (seeming its favorite choice), Buglossoides purpuo-caerulea, Echium vulgare, Satureja montana, Saponaria ocymoides, Thymus vulgaris.



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