Amegilla magnilabris


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Amegilla (Zebramegilla) magnilabris (Fedtschenko, 1875)

Since Brooks (1988) most authors made confusion between this species and the near Amegilla savignyi, that occurs in N. Africa only. Indeed, both species show the same conspicuously proeminent clypeus and labrum. These species are nevertheless well distinctive as pointed by Priesner (1957: 93) :
"A. savignyi Lep., [is] a species that is easily distinguished from magnilabris in having a full fascia on tergite V, slightly transverse labrum, intermixed black hairs at the clypeo-frontal suture, on the vertex and thorax, narrower abdominal fasciae and a small white hairspot exteriorly at the base of the metatarsus III. "
A. magnilabris is much more widespread than A. savignyi as it occurs in N. Africa too but also in most of southern Europe countries.

P. Rasmont



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