Anthophora retusa


Author(s) : Pierre Rasmont
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) retusa (L., 1758)

Brooks (1988) synonymised Anthophora retusa with Anthophora aestivalis (Panzer). These species are nevertheless well different. Alfken (1926: 423) provided very good diagnostic characters to separate these species. The males show well distinctive genitalia and facial design.
The northern nominal subspecies of retusa shows a very conspicuously distinct colour pattern, nearly all black with golden metatibial brushes.
The southern subspecies retusa meridionalis PĂ©rez could be confused as it shows a more or less similar colour pattern. However, the metatibial brushes are golden yellow in retusa meridionalis while they are wittish in aestivalis.

Pierre Rasmont



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