Ancyla anatolica

Warncke, 1979

Taxon referenced in page Atlas of the European Bees: genus Ancyla
Author(s) : P. Rasmont & M. Dehon
=Ancyla holtzi ssp. anatolica Warncke, 1979
=Ancyla anatolica Straka & Rozen, 2012

This taxon has been separated from Ancyla holtzi by Straka & Rozen (2012) for the first time.
J. Straka (com pers.) made this justification: " they are so different in morphology (especially males) and living together at the same area (holtzi nests in sandy places, but anatolica in dense soil) that we [Straka & Rozen 2012] decided write about it in the paper as different full species".

Straka & Rozen (2012) also described the larvae anatomy and the nest structure.

They also seen the species foraging on Eryngium sp.

P. Rasmont