Atlas of European Bees - STEP Project

Alain Pauly

Atlas of the European Bees: genus Ceylalictus

This page is constructed in the framework of the STEP Project
"Status and Trends of European Pollinators"
Coordinator: Simon Geoffrey Potts, University of Reading

STEP Partners to Objective 1 (Document the status and trends of pollinators, map distributions):
University of Mons (Prof. Pierre Rasmont; Denis Michez; Stephanie Iserbyt; Yvan Barbier)
University of Reading (Stuart Roberts)

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Citation: Pauly A. 2011. Atlas of the European Bees: genus Ceylalictus. STEP Project, Atlas Hymenoptera, Mons, Gembloux.

Ceylalictus Strand 1913

European bees
Ceylalictus variegatus (Olivier 1789)
Apis variegata Olivier 1789
= Andrena pulchella Jurine 1807
= ?Allodape syrphoides Walker 1871
= Andrena flavopicta Dours 1873
= Nomioides jucunda Morawitz 1874
= Nomioides fasciatus Friese 1898
= Nomioides fasciatus var. intermedius Alfken 1924
= Nomioides variegata var. simplex Blüthgen 1925
= Nomioides variegata var. unifasciata Blüthgen 1925
= Nomioides labiatarum Cockerell 1931
= Nomioides variegata var. nigrita Blüthgen 1934
= Nomioides variegata var. pseudocerea Blüthgen 1934
= Nomioides variegata var. nigriventris Blüthgen 1934

Main contributions to the map :

BDFMG (2011)

Other dataset received : Pesenko (in litt).

Main collections studied (AP) : Belgium (Brussels, Gembloux, Mons).

Litterature: Pesenko & Pauly 2005.

Distribution: southern Europe and North Africa.

Statut. Stable.


Pesenko Y. & Pauly A. 2005. Monograph of the bees of the subfamily Nomioidinae (Hymenoptera: Halictidae) of Africa (excluding Madagascar). Annales de la Société entomologique de France (n.s.) 2005, 41 (2): 129-236.