Bombus (Pyrobombus) jonellus

(Kirby, 1802)

Author(s) : Rasmont P
The distribution of B. jonellus is very wide : from Iceland and the Sierra Cantabrica (ssp. yarrowianus) in the west to the Anadyr on the Pacific. In the north, the species is present beyond the Arctic Circle. According to L√łken ( 1973), it is as common as B. pratorum throughout Scandinavia (ssp. subborealis). In the British Is., Alford (1975) notes that B. jonellus is more common than B. pratorum in Scotland. In Russia, the distribution of B. jonellus is continuous north of the 55th parallel and rather patchy south of this latitude.
In the south of Europe, the range of B. jonellus is restricted to more particular, most often montane biotopes, reaching the highest mountains of the Iberian Peninsula where it is very rare.
Several subspecies quite unconsicuously coated are currently recognized (hebridensis, jonellus, martes, monapiae, subborealis, vogtianus, yarrowianus).
P. Rasmont