Bombus (Bombus) patagiatus

Nylander, 1848

Author(s) : Rasmont P
The most western collections are from the region of Petrozavodsk, near Lake Onega, in E. Carelia (Russia) (Pekkarinen et al., 1981). From the map drawn by Tkalcu (1967), we can see that there were hardly more observations west of the Ural. Kr├╝ger (1956) mentions a few places in the Perm region. The species is also known from the regions of Moscow, Ivanovo, Kirov, Ul'yanovsk and Kazan.
According to Tkalcu (1967), B. patagiatus "extends its range over the whole taiga of the former SSSR, to the Ussuri, Sakhalin and Korea, but is absent from Kamchatka and, most probably, from Japan. The northern limit of its range lies clearly south of the northern borderline of the taiga. "
P. Rasmont



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