Bombus (Thoracobombus) deuteronymus

Schulz, 1906

Author(s) : Rasmont P
The distribution of B. deuteronymus is very discontinuous.
The ssp.bureschi is found in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. This subspecies is very uncommon and no more than a score of specimens have been observed.
The West-Palaearctic region distribution of ssp. superequester is restricted to Russia, between the 53rd and 59th parallels. Because of the high probability of mistakes, many observations of "subbaicalensis" from Russia cannot be reliably related with a precise species. They may belong as well to B. humilis subbaicalensis, to B. deuteronymus superequester, to B. veteranus or to B. pseudobaicalensis. For this reason, only the observations of Skorikov (1922a), and Kazanskii (1925) as well as our own ones have been included in map.
The nominal subspecies lives in eastern Siberia, Mongolia, the Ussuri basin and Japan.
P. Rasmont