Melecta duodecimmaculata

(Rossi, 1790)

Author(s) : Rasmont P.
Melecta (Melecta) duodecimmaculata (Rossi, 1790)
= Melecta plurinotata Brullé, 1832
= Melecta quatuordecim-punctata Fischer de Waldheim, 1843
= Melecta sĂ´derbomi Alfken, 1936
ssp. duodecimmaculata (Rosi, 1790) [Europe, N. Africa]
ssp. jakovlewii Radoszkowski, 1877 [Astrakhan obl., Asia Central].

This is the largest West-Palaearctic species. It also shows a very conspicuous pattern with a double raw of white patches on abdomen.

It occurs from Portugal to the west to Central Asia and China to the east but I have no data from Caucasian region and from Iran. It occurs in N. Africa but I have not yet any data from Morocco.

It is noticeable that most data seem ancient, meaning that the species could suffer from regression. In France, e.g., only one specimen as been observed in 1889.

As host, Anthophora (Lophanthophora) hispanica is the most probable, as it is the only species with compatible size and phenology.

As flower choices (few data), there are Asphodelus ramosus (favorite), Lavandula spp., Rosmarinus officinalis.